NowCrowd with Hamish and Andy


The 2016 annual logies spit roast

NowCrowd works with many radio stations and entertainment providers, but we were beyond thrilled to be asked to provide social technology for the legends Hamish and Andy. With over 5 million social media followers it's pretty obvious that the boys' fans enjoy connecting with them on social, so we had to come up with something a little special.

With just 4 days to turnaround the execution, NowGIF aka the GIF was chosen, for its Friday fun feels. NowCrowd took charge of the design staffing and production and created an open style activation. The set-up at the entrance of Cruise Bar, Sydney was simple and in-keeping with the event styling, with the digital branding adding most of the colour.

Guests were directed to act four varying poses (no Boomerangs around here), which were given NowGIF software treatment, to become instantly shareable across social. As you will see below, the Nandos catering rubbed off on the guests, resulting in some seriously Hot and Spicy moves,

What followed was an explosion of #logiesspitroast and a steady crowd throughout the night. With Delta Goodrem, The Madden Brothers and Hamish and Andy themselves, all in attendance, NowGIF got the star treatment-literally.



NOWlMOTION Setup - HA Spitroast-9.jpg
NOWlMOTION Setup - HA Spitroast-12.jpg
NOWlMOTION Setup - HA Spitroast-8.jpg
NOWlMOTION Setup - HA Spitroast-36.jpg
NOWlMOTION Setup - HA Spitroast-25.jpg
NOWlMOTION Setup - HA Spitroast-22.jpg
NOWlMOTION Setup - HA Spitroast-43.jpg