NowCrowd with AWS Summit


Take the annual Amazon Web Services summit, add a dash of NOW technology across Twitter and Instagram and what do you get? The Polaroid cloud selfie station. 

In true NOW style, our set-up remained totally on brand (the client's brand that is). The NOW|INSTA station blended seamlessly into the clean, tech feel Amazon lounge. Attendees could share their own messages on the cloud wall and snap a selfie. An interactive touch point allowed them to choose their best photo, print it and watch it live on a big screen.

There's nothing like being able to personalize your Polaroid and get creative. NOW|INSTA can be used across both Instagram and/or Twitter, as we understand that audiences use social platforms in different ways. Suited, booted and NOW|INSTA'd. Over and out.



NOWlINSTA Setup - AWS Summit-25.jpg
NOWlINSTA Setup - AWS Summit-24.jpg
NOWlINSTA Setup - AWS Summit-20.jpg
NOWlINSTA Setup - AWS Summit-17.jpg
NOWlINSTA Setup - AWS Summit-11.jpg
NOWlINSTA Setup - AWS Summit-4.jpg
NOWlINSTA Setup - AWS Summit-2.jpg
NOWlINSTA Setup - AWS Summit-32.jpg
NOWlINSTA Setup - AWS Summit-8.jpg
NOWlINSTA Setup - AWS Summit-34.jpg