NowCrowd with Tough Mudder


Conquering Kong!

Have you Conquered Kong? We did!

NowCrowd together with IMG made Tough Mudder Activation Event possible.
Happened on March 8, 9 and 10, in the heart of Brisbane CBD, King George Square. 

We were so excited and thrilled when IMG got in contact with us and asked if we can do a NowGIF service for Tough Mudder 2017's activation event. Basically, our job was to take series of photos while people try to cross and swing themselves in Tough Mudder's new obstacle called "Kong". After the photo gets taken, with our special and unique software, the photos were processed into a GIF image, then it was uploaded to a microsite that we designed specifically for Tough Mudder where people can share their GIFs through their email. Pretty smart to gather data, right?

For three consecutive days we witnessed excitement and fun, we met amazing and brave people who tried to conquer Kong. We've captured awesome GIFs, we made people happy, and we spread the word like a wild fire. Definitely a great and successful activation event.



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