Fitness Expo 2017


Sweat it out!

Sweat out, take selfies, pose with fitness superstars and collect photos - This sums up what happened at REEBOK LESMILLS LIVE 2017 at the Sydney Fitness Expo this year.

At this year's Sydney Fitness Expo we had a chance to work with Les Mills Asia Pacific. NowCam (Roaming Photography) and NowInsta (Hashtag Printer) were the solutions that we provided for this heart-pumping event.

For two days, Chris - our roaming photographer, bumped in with hundreds of fitness people and took photos of them with the fitness superstars. The photos were directly uploaded to Les Mills Facebook page where their audiences and followers had a real-time online engagement. A call-to-action ticket were given to the people that directed them to their photos on the Facebook page where they can like, share and comment. This boosted LesMills' online presence and social engagement. On the other hand, Marla, our hashtag printer staff, was busy assisting people who prefer printed version of their photos by using our Hashtag Printer. This allows them to take photos on their smartphones, apply creative filters, upload it to their Instagram accounts with the event's official hashtag #reeboklesmillslive2017 and collect their prints in less than a minute.

It was a very fun and exciting experience for the fitness people and NOW staff to do this type of event and photographic activities. We are definitely keen to do this again!

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