Mobile, Unique, Instant...Brilliant!

Perfect for events and activations where a stationary booth won’t do. The NowCam roaming solution maximises the number of consumers your brand can reach.

Capitalising on the publics love of sharing photos, NowCam creates a mobile and versatile touch point between consumers and your brand.

Events photos are captured, branded, and instantly shareable on social media. Watch as guests like, tag, comment, and share live at your events. Creating an online buzz and increasing your social reach.

NowCam is 100% mobile and works anywhere in Australia. Our NowCrowd promo staff work on behalf of your brand to create engaging and memorable moments that consumers will want to share.

NowCam is the first of its kind..

  • Versatile and unique!

  • Fantastic ROI using just a photographer

  • Drive traffic to your social media pages as attendee’s go to your page to like and collect their image

  • Share your branded overlays instantly and easily

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NOWlCAM - Sephora 2.jpg
NOWlCAM - Optus Rockcrops 4.jpg