Making You the Star of the Show

NowGreenScreen allows you to create endless possibilities. Using our unique NowGreenScreen technology, we can superimpose people into practically any scene imaginable. Be that; movie, sporting events or computer game.

Photos can be printed and shared by consumers, and integrated directly in to your Facebook or Instagram page.

Providing high level engagement and great sharing rates, green screens are the perfect addition to your event.

NowGreenScreen enables you to…

  • Superimpose consumers onto any background imaginable

  • Transform a regular photo experience into something truly memorable.

  • Take guests into a movie, computer game, sports team, boy band or even underwater...anywhere.

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NOWlCAM - Sephora 2.jpg
NOWlGREEN SCREEN - Wolverine 1.jpg
NOWlGREEN SCREEN - Assassins Creed 2.jpg
NOWlGREEN SCREEN - Air Force 1.jpg
NOWlGREEN SCREEN - Land Rover Brumbies 1.jpg