Land Rover

In the DNA Activation


The client launched their first experiential campaign in Australia to promote the well known global brand. Guests entered their details into branded forms created by NOW on iPads, whilst they chose their destination of choice from Bali, New York, Paris or Tokyo. We partnered with Gelato Messina to give each an ice cream and a photo from their destination of choice. Props were provided and NOW technology did the rest. The guest's photo appeared on big screens around the shopping centre and their digital copy was instantly uploaded onto the Insure and Go Facebook page.

SERVICE: NowGreenscreen



Land+Rover+Fed+Square (1).jpg
Land+Rover+Fed+Square (2).jpg
Land+Rover+Fed+Square (3).jpg




Photos were shareable via a photo app built onto the client's page. The app also included competition fields so that the winner and their photo could be selected and notified. Not only did the iPads generate huge amounts of data collection but the competition via the Facebook app, detailed the exact path of consumers and who shared what on Facebook.

Big Screen Integration - Land Rover Melbourne (2).JPG